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When looking for a unique gift for someone or an artistic piece to express yourself, consider a hand made writing instrument.  Each pen is crafted to your specifications once your order is placed.  They offer something personal for that special occasion.

You are encouraged to send a piece of wood with a history or a unique story around it for a memory pen. This directly ties the finished piece with the owner. Knots and imperfections in the wood are welcome. Your pen will be crafted unique to your tastes so please contact me directly by phone or email for questions, designing, and ordering. You can browse through the gallery for ideas. Prices start at $89.

The standard pen is equipped with a Schmidt 5888 ceramic roller ball and the fountain pen is matched with a Bock nib for smooth writing. After selecting the material you can customize your pen specifying the profile (large or small), style, and ink. 

A custom engraved wooden case can be added for $35